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Motostivuitoare diesel & GPL
Clark C 15-18-20s Diesel / GPL
Clark CQ 20-25-30 D/GPL
Stivuitor C 15/18/20 s
Stivuitor C 20/25/30/35
Stivuitor C 60/70/80 D
Stivuitor C40/45/50/55s Diesel&GPL
Stivuitor CQ 20/25/30 t
GEX 20/25/30
GTX 1.6/1.8/20
TMX 1.3/1.5s/1.5/1.8/20x
Echipamente Interior/Depozit
C OP 20
C PS 12
C PS 15-20
C PSi 15
C PSi 15
C PT 16-20
C PTI 16
C PTP 20
CLARK C-RT 14/16/20
Transpalet manual 2.5t CLARK
Echipamente Interior/Depozit / C OP 20
C OP 20

Q = 2.000 Kg

Horizontal order pickers

The C-OP 20 (load capacity: 2,000 kg) meets all requirements to simplify and speed up order processing. The ergonomic work-place is perfectly complemented by the operator's compartment with its comfortably low sill. The strong driving motor of the electric horizontal order picker perfectly adds to its maximum driving speed of 13 km/h and its simple operation. Maintenance cycles are reduced to an absolute minimum anyway. Among the highlights of the special equipment program numbers the side battery exchange to grant regular shift operation, the simple battery exchange system, and a truck version for refrigerating storage houses.