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Motostivuitoare diesel & GPL
Clark C 15-18-20s Diesel / GPL
Clark CQ 20-25-30 D/GPL
Stivuitor C 15/18/20 s
Stivuitor C 20/25/30/35
Stivuitor C 60/70/80 D
Stivuitor C40/45/50/55s Diesel&GPL
Stivuitor CQ 20/25/30 t
GEX 20/25/30
GTX 1.6/1.8/20
TMX 1.3/1.5s/1.5/1.8/20x
Echipamente Interior/Depozit
C OP 20
C PS 12
C PS 15-20
C PSi 15
C PSi 15
C PT 16-20
C PTI 16
C PTP 20
CLARK C-RT 14/16/20
Transpalet manual 2.5t CLARK
Echipamente Interior/Depozit / C PTI 16
C PTI 16

Q = 1.600 - 1.000 Kg

Pedestrian low lift pallet truck

The C PTI 16 is the right truck for double stage applications. The initial lift allows working on uneven floors. The strong high performance drive motor offers a fantastic torque and the ergonomic design with optional one hand operation ensure operator convenience. Various optional features are available. Driving with handle in vertical position as an option allows operation in narrow aisles.